Workers at AIDS Facility Leave Confidential Documents on Sidewalk

MARCH 16TH, 2000

The Waverly Division of AIDS Services was recently closed down for renovations, and NY1 has learned workers left confidential files of clients with AIDS out on the sidewalk.

Upon arriving on the scene this morning at the Waverly office, NY1 reporter Jeff Simmons was able to clearly see files with clients names and other sensitive information.

Workers quickly draped garbage bags over the bins, and shuttled them inside.

City Councilwoman Christine Quinn said confidentiality laws may have been breached.

A spokesperson for the Human Resources Administration said only old forms and documents damaged by a flood were supposed to be tossed.

"Some items may have been mistakenly placed there and improperly discarded," said the spokesperson. "With that in mind, our agency pulled all materials immediately back so we could review and inspect all the items."

Before NY1 left Waverly Divisioon location, a security guard filed a harassment charge against Quinn and workers resumed dumping some items into a dumpster.

Clients say the snafu speaks to a broader problem with the Division of AIDS Services treating clients poorly.


NY1 is NYC's 24 hour cable news station. Here's the link to a story on NY1 News online.

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