ACT UP Memorandum

June 5, 2000

To: United States Congress members
Re: Ryan White CARE Act Re-authorization, "ACT UP San Francisco" and the AIDS crisis

Dear Congressperson:

We are writing on behalf of ACT UP New York and ACT UP Philadelphia in response to the recent correspondence you received from the group calling itself "ACT UP San Francisco."

Attached you will find a press release our organization sent out yesterday, along with a statement about who we are.

ACT UP Philadelphia and ACT UP New York are not in any way affiliated with the group calling itself "ACT UP San Francisco" or any of its members.

We believe that HIV plays a role in causing the syndrome known as AIDS and, unfortunately, we spend every single day of our lives surrounded by the cold, hard fact that AIDS is still a crisis.

Please feel free to contact us about the information contained in this packet. Also, let this serve as a reminder that the AIDS crisis is a global crisis. Support access to lifesaving medications. Thank you for your support.

Sincerely, (on behalf of ACT UP Philadelphia and ACT UP New York)

Julie Davids
Paul Davis
Asia Russell
Katie Krauss
Jennifer Flynn
Bob Lederer
Emmaia Gelman
SharonAnn Lynch
Mark Milano

Press Release
For Immediate Release

ACT UP Philadelphia and New York Denounce Group Calling Itself "ACT UP San Francisco"

ACT UP supports full funding for AIDS care, prevention, research and treatment, in the US and worldwide, including full funding for the Ryan White CARE Act.

ACT UP chapters across the globe were founded as grassroots, non-violent, all volunteer AIDS activist groups. ACT UP New York, ACT UP Philadelphia, ACT UP Boston, ACT UP Golden Gate (recently renamed "Survive AIDS"), ACT UP Los Angeles, ACT UP Washington and ACT UP Paris all recognize the overwhelming evidence that HIV causes the syndrome known as AIDS.

Since 1987, our organizations have effected wide-ranging advances in research and the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS. Each of these chapters has no affiliation with the group of individuals using the name ACT UP San Francisco. Rather than providing real solutions to the very real AIDS crisis, So-called "ACT UP San Francisco" is using the ACT UP name to piggyback on years of diligent advocacy of legitimate ACT UP chapters.

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