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AIDS Activists Throw Condoms at State Prison
Times Union .[ Albany, NY ] .December 18, 2002 ::by Brendan Lyons

In Coxsackie, N.Y., Tuesday, several AIDS activists marched
to the gates of Coxsackie Correctional Facility and dropped 2,000
condoms at the feet of corrections officers. New York state prohibits inmates
from having condoms, and officials say sex between inmates is illegal.
But members of ACT UP-NY claim state officials are ignoring the reality
of inmates having sex, and some prisoners are becoming infected with HIV
behind bars. "The New York state prison system is a factory
for thousands of new HIV infections each year,"
said Ken Bing,
an ACT UP/NY member. "When prisoners are released, those
new HIV infections become a public health crisis for their

home communities. Prisons are pouring a huge HIV burden out
into New York state, which has a horrific human cost as well
as a financial cost to the state,"
Bing said.

Capital News 9 Report [ Albany, NY ]
by Health Team Reporter Erin O'Hearn
12 / 18 / 2002

Condoms in prisons
The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power is asking prisons to distribute condoms to inmates. Why is prevention in prisons important? After all, many people may find it hard to feel sympathy for convicted criminals. But research has shown that inmates health will inevitably have an impact on general public.

Inmates are not allowed to have condoms because they are considered contraband. That is a problem when it comes to the spread of HIV.

Stevens said, "State Commissioner Gord, he's the State Commissioner of DOCS, he says that condoms are illegal yet we have a letter from him saying prevention in his prisons is important. Yet it flies in the face of all logic that he's saying prevention is important and the condom is a ve