Joycelyn Elders Fired By Clinton

One week after her participation at the United Nations World AIDS Day 1994 events, Surgeons General Joycelyn Elders was fired by President Clinton supposedly for comments on masturbation.

"Our children have seen 15,000 hours of TV to only 11,000 hours of reading, writing, and arithmetic. We've not used the most powerful medium -- that's our television -- to educate our people [against AIDS]. That says our country has really not made a commitment."

United States Surgeons General Joycelyn Elders    
United Nations, World AIDS Day, December 1, 1994

As a candidate for President, Clinton had spoken in support of public education's role in preventing AIDS by saying that children "should be told in blunt, clear, but sensitive terms how people get AIDS and how to avoid it."

After 12 painful years of genocide from Reagan/Bush NEGLIGENCE, there was hope that AIDS would finally be addressed by the White House with Clinton's appointment of Joycelyn Elders as Surgeon General because of her forthright and frank advocacy in the fight against AIDS.

When Joycelyn Elders was asked to speak at the United Nations on World AIDS Day 1994, she heard from a high school student who had not been allowed to graduate because he had passed condoms out at a high school prom. The speaker suggested that the U.S. government could do more to reach the administrators in the school to address the AIDS crisis.

Half of all new HIV infections occur in youths younger