January 17, 2006

Interim General Manager
Indra Hardat
120 Wall Street, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10026

Dear Ms. Hardat,

We are deeply concerned that WBAI local station board member Steve
Brown and a minority of others on the local station board are urging
you to bring back former health programmer Gary Null to WBAI's
airwaves. They claim that it would be a sound business decision and
bring listeners back to the station. We in the AIDS Coalition to
Unleash Power (ACT UP/NY) differ; we believe his return would be a
huge mistake and violation of WBAI's social justice mission. ACT UP
is a direct action AIDS organization dedicated to ending the AIDS
crisis. We have chapters in many cities around the United States and
in several countries and have successfully used nonviolent protest to
pressure the US government and greedy corporations to stop dangerous
policies that worsen the epidemic and to make life-extending
treatments available to all people with AIDS who desire treatment. We
have never taken drug company money.

Over the years, we have been repeatedly distressed about the
life-threatening misinformation conveyed in Gary Null's programming
on HIV/AIDS. Mr. Null is an HIV/AIDS denialist, meaning he denies
that HIV is the cause of AIDS, in spite of a mountain of evidence to
the contrary. In the four years prior to Mr. Null's cancellation, he
brought these viewpoints about AIDS to the air dozens of times; in
the overwhelming majority of cases, he did so in an unbalanced way.
His repeated programming denying that HIV is the c