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ACT UP/Paris is closing Roche's Booth.

We have no other means to say what we know about its politics towards PWAs:


T-20 is not a wonder drug. It's just a new drug, that can save people in therapeutic failure. We are fighting for the respect of ethical principles in early access to new drugs.

Roche's attitude towards the PWAs in the South is obscene:

Roche's politics kills. Fight Roche with us!


Nous n'avons pas d'autre moyen pour diffuser ce que nous savons de la politique qu'il mène en direction des malades :

Le T-20 n'est pas une molécule miracle. C'est une nouvelle molécule qui peut donc sauver des personnes en échec thérapeutique et nous nous battons pour que soient respectés les principes éthiques d'accès précoce aux nouvelles molécules.

La politique de Roche vis-à-vis des malades du sud est tout aussi ignoble :

La politique de Roche est criminelle. Combattez-la avec nous. Aujourd'hui, Roche est fermé pour cause de décès.


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_________________________________________________Gilead Pharmco Action

Gilead Shut Down - Second Pharmaceutical Exhibition Struck by Protest

For the second day in a row, an AIDS drug manufacturer's exhibition has been ransacked in protest by Act-Up Paris.  The goal of the protest was to draw attention to Act-up's frustration over the high prices of AIDS drugs worldwide and the opposition the drug manufacturers have mounted to the distribution of generic drugs in the developing world.  Outrage has been expressed by representatives from numerous developing countries in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa regarding the lack of drug therapies available to those affected by HIV/AIDS.  Representatives from US advocacy organizations also participated in the "takeover," expressing concern over the lack of affordable drugs in the United States and the lack of sufficient government funding for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP).  


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