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Journalists from the developing world link to accelerate the fight against HIV/AIDS

We are journalists from diverse communities primarily in the developing world who have become increasingly concerned that global reporting about the HIV/AIDS epidemic does not fully represent the realities, views and experiences of media professionals and the communities they serve in the developing world - the regions of highest HIV infection.

Global news coverage of HIV/AIDS needs to reflect the many different ways in which HIV presents itself, is spread and is combatted.

11:10 Agenda was formed by journalists from 60 nations, including Latvia, Nigeria, South Africa, Bermuda, Colombia, Malawi, Nepal, Philippines, China and others at the 14th International Aids Conference in Barcelona. We have a sense of deep frustration at ongoing rhetoric and too little action to fight a virus that is infecting us, our friends and families. We believe that by sharing our knowledge, skills and resources we can identify new trends that develop in HIV/AIDS far more rapidly than any scientists or researchers, and bring that information to the attention of the world. We seek to deepen our journalistic expertise and knowledge of HIV/AIDS to ultimately defeat this virus and the social, economic and political factors that feed it.

For too long, orthodox reporting on AIDS, has focused on clinical approaches to the disease without critically reporting its socio-economic and political vectors. The on-going tragedy of AIDS is a global alert to ongoing economic, gender and social inequities.



We are journalists from diverse communities primarily in the
developing world, committed to conquering HIV/AIDS, & cognizant of the need
for independent thinking and research, through accurate and fair journalism.

We undertake to strategically network among ourselves
to develop & share skills, resources & ideas to rectify the imbalances of information
between developed & developing nations; to honour & respect diversity
and the lives of the infected people we report on; and to
support the right of media professionals to report freely and
without fear of reprisals in promoting the ethical reporting of HIV/AIDS.


For more information about 11:10 AGENDA

temporary website: http://www.smartgroups.com/groups/eleven10agenda

email: eleven10agenda@smartgroups.com

more information coming soon


UNDP Regional HIV and Development Programme (South and North East Asia)
Announces Media Network

Acknowledging the central role played by the media in development initiatives, the UNDP Regional HIV and Development Programme, South and North East Asia, (REACH Beyond Borders*) has been working in close coordination with them during the last few years. Like elsewhere in the world, media's role in the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and promoting human development in the region has been extremely valuable. Working with the media at various levels has been an integral part of advocacy and policy dialogue activities of REACH.

During 2001, national level media consultations were organized in all south Asian countries. Based on the suggestions of the participants, a Regional Editors' Roundtable was organized in New Delhi on July 24. The roundtable, in which UNDP Administrator, Mr. Mark Mulloch Brown and senior UNDP officials participated, was aimed at eliciting the support of media organizations at the highest possible level. The Roundtable featured some of the most prominent editors of the region and resulted in a unique Statement of Commitment.

A consistent demand from the journalists covering HIV/AIDS and the social development sector in the region has been for a forum to network and to share experience/expertise and information. After sufficient consultations with our media partners and journalists working in the field, we have decided to facilitate the formation of a network of media professionals in the Asia Pacific region. This network, called Asia Pacific Media Against AIDS (APMA), is aimed at strengthening the response of the media against HIV/AIDS in the region.

APMA will operate through a state-of-the art "e-workspace," an exclusive web-based electronic platform for knowledge-networking. It will have utilities like library, discussion forum, document-conferencing and scheduling and calendaring. The network and the "e-workspace" are expected to be operational by early August.

Though APMA is aimed primarily at media professionals from the Asia Pacific region, journalists from other regions of the world with interest in HIV/AIDS as a development issue are also encouraged to join. It would encourage sharing of media best practices from round the world and facilitate information flow at various levels, not to mention, the much-needed south-south cooperation.

Please visit www.youandaids.org,
the HIV/AIDS Portal for South and North East Asia
or click on the link www.youandaids.org/mediacentre to join APMA.

* About REACH (Regional Empowerment and Action to Contain HIV/AIDS) Beyond Borders

REACH Beyond Borders is the consolidated second phase of the UNDP Regional HIV and Development programme in South and North East Asia covering 13 countries of the region. (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, DPR Korea, India, Iran, Maldives, Mangolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Republic of Korea and Sri Lanka). The programme supports the objective of containing the epidemic in the region through integrated responses that promote gender equality, poverty reduction and good governance. REACH focuses attention on advocacy, policy dialogue and outreach using ICT and innovative technologies; capacity development and community participation; trans-border and regional collaboration; rights-based approaches, law and ethics and GIPA; and multisectoral responses relating to gender, livelihoods and HIV/AIDS.

For more Information, please contact

G. Pramod Kumar
Communications and Advocacy Officer
E-mail: pramod.kumar@undp.org

Venu Arora
Communications Officer
E-mail: venu.arora@undp.org


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