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Pfizer is targeted because the FRAUD of its Donation Program of their drug Flucanozole -- better known under the brand name Diflucan -- proven effective in preventing and treating thrush and cryptococcal meningitis, two opportunistic diseases associated with AIDS.

Pfizer got incredibly bad press and criticism recently, when a young boy from Honduras died with esophageal candidiasis on film, and his family couldn't afford the cost of Diflucan.

Four years ago, Pfizer started a donation program for Flucanozole, it started with South Africa, and after months and months of pressure, it promised to extend it's donation program to Latin America and the Caribbean. This promise was a lie!

Four years later, in Latin America and the Caribbean, poor people living with HIV regularly suffer and die from cryptococcal meningitis and esophageal candidiasis, treatable preventable opportunistic infections which kills people. Flucanozole, at an affordable price or free, means the difference between life and death. But in Latin America and the Caribbean, Pfizer has taken credit for its program, but refuses to implement its own donation program.

The people responsible to implementing Pfizer's donation program are based in South Africa. However, NGOs, National AIDS Programs, support groups, and other care providers don't even know that Pfizer is giving away its drug for free.

Meanwhile, in pharmacies, like in Honduras, the drug is sold for $20 a day. People are dying without access to this medicine.


That Pfizer immediately implement and promote its own donation program, four years after its launch, so People with AIDS can have access to life, to real medicine, not just empty promises -- this from the world's biggest drug company. We know, if this was a program for viagra, Pfizer would be quick to market this program. (And we know that all throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, viagra is aggressively promoted and marketed!)

Pfizer Donation Program is a Fraud

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