DIVA TV (Damed Interfering Video Activist Television) is an affinity group documenting ACT UP and the community responses to AIDS. The following is an accumulating list of DIVA TV camera-original documentary footage and edited weekly series AIDS Community Television archived at the New York Public Library. --

UNDER CONSTRUCTION It should be noted that this is a very partial list currently being collected and archived. Complete on-going listings are available at the New York Public Library,

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David Wojnarowicz Public Funeral 7/29/92 Greenwich Village Funeral Procession; George Bush 9/21/92 10:00; Haitain-Immigration & Naturalization Service demonstration 10/16/92 Hii8 Original

David Feinberg last vitriolic speech to the Floor of ACT
_UP/NewYork 10/3/94 Hi8 Original

Tim Bailey Political Funeral
Capital, Washington, D.C. 7/1/1993 Hi8 Original

ACT UP civil disobedience at the NYC Center for Disease Control 5/22/91; Ashes Action 10/11/92 White House [John Schabel videographer], Washington, DC. Hi8 Original

Jon Greenberg's Funeral 7/16/93, Funeral Procession through Greenwich Village to Tompkins Square Park, Hi8 Original

Aldyn McKean memorial service and march 3/4/94, Hi8 Original

Chris Hennelley Press conference 2/16/94
Aldyn McKean ACT UP Meeting Obituary, 2/28/94 Hi8 Original

Kennebunkport 9/1/91 1:00:00
White House: Target Bush 9/30/91 1:15:00 Hi8 Original

Kennebunkport, ME 9/1/91; Outside Waldorf-Astoria, NYC 9/23/91; AIDS Hotline demonstration; Department of Health and Offi