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ACT UP Demonstration at Montreal AIDS Conference
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Webster CD and Montreal Conference #1

This tape begins with ACT UP's Demo against the Supreme Court's Webster Decision and their ruling against abortion-rights in Washington DC 4/28/89 with post-civil disobedience interviews by activists (18:00).

Also contains "Lainey after school" home-footage segment (4:00)

Of particular note follows material labeled "Montreal [AIDS Conference] tape #1" beginning with issues against United States policies of AIDS/HIV Immigration with "action" shot at the USA/Canadian Immigration Boarder. Continues with footage in front of Montreal Conference organizing strategy and issues for actions followed by demonstrations and entrance by AIDS activists to take-over the Opening Ceremonies of the Montreal AIDS Conference.

ACT UP participates and demonstrates for the first time at the International AIDS Conferences in Montreal in June 1989. See also document: "When PWAs First Sat At The High Table" (AIDS activists take-over at the Montreal AIDS Conference)

[note: this tape came from Gregg Bordowitz's collection (GMHC) but shot by Catherine Saalfield (Gund) and others.] 1989 00:90:00

[From ACT UP Capsule History:]
June 4-9, 1989 ACT UP demonstrates at the Fifth International Conference on AIDS in Montreal calling for a significant change in AIDS treatment research. ACT UP presents the revolutionary concept of parallel track drug testing, in which drugs already found to be non-toxic are place in both clinical trials and released simultaneously to patients who do not qualify for the trials. 1989

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