ACT UP Chicago AMA Demo
[camera original] [ 2:00:00] [Catherine Saalfield (Gund)]

Demonstration in Chicago against the AMA and Cook County Hospital, April 1990

Preliminary Meeting. Banners and signs preparations and interviews. Pre-Action Meeting. Direct Action demonstration.

[From ACT UP Capsule History:]
April 20-23, 1990 ACT UP activists from all over the country converge on Chicago to target the national headquarters of the American Medical Association (AMA) and health insurance companies also headquartered there. Women activists take over the intersection in front of Cook country Hospital with mattresses, declaring it the "Cook County Women's AIDS Unit" since no women with AIDS are allowed treatment in the hospital. The Cook County Hospital AIDS Unit admits its first women two days later. A People of Color Conference also convenes to discuss and coordinate AIDS activism in diverse communities.