AIDS Videos - Helsinki Compilation, 1992, 60:00

AIDS Videos - Compilation, Reel #3

Gots to Be a Drag -- GMHC 5 min.
We Interrupt This Program -- Karen Finley (6 min. excerpt)
This is a Dental Dam -- Suzanne Wright 1 min.
Fear of Disclosure -- Phil Zwickler and David Wojnarowicz 5 min.
Steam Clean -- GMHC (Richard Fung) 2 min.
Keep Your Laws Off My Body -- Catherine (Saalfield) Gund and Zoe Leonard 14 min.
Gran Fury PSAs
Tongues Untied -- Marlon Riggs (excerpt?)
The ADS Epidemic -- John Greyson
(In)visible Women -- Marina Alvarez and Ellen Spiro