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email list for announcements and actions

see also AIDSACT

There is also an older general listserve for activist discussions:

AIDSACT _______________________________________ see also HEALTHGAP List ..[below]
e-mail List for AIDS Activists

AIDSACT is an electronic mailing list for AIDS activists (established after the Vancouver AIDS Conference in 1996) providing a means of communication for AIDS activists who address AIDS as a POLITICAL crisis.

AIDSACT grew out of an earlier list, which ACT UP chapters and other organizations and activists used to plan actions at the Eleventh International Conference on AIDS in Vancouver.

To subscribe to AIDSACT, send a message to:


with no subject and a one-line message body in the form

subscribe AIDSACT First Last

where "First" and "Last" are your first and last names.

IMPORTANT: AIDSACT List is automatated...

To unsubscribe from AIDSACT:

DO NOT send a message to this list

DO send a message to: listproc@critpath.org

There should be no subject in the message

In the BODY of the message, type: unsubscribe aidsact your email << write your email address .

This message must be sent from the account you used to subscribe to aidsact, and the email you list must be the exact email addess that is subscribed to the list.

If for some reason it does not seem to work, despite followoing these instructions, please send an email directly to aalstman@critpath.org asking to be removed, and you will be removed manually in 48-72 hours. (However, automatic unsubbing is preferred.)

***************** SUBMITTING MESSAGES ******************

To submit a message for redistribution, send it to:



Moderation Guidelines:

The AIDSACT mailing list provides a means of communication for AIDS activists who address AIDS as a political crisis. AIDSACT is not for the non-political discussion of science and medicine. Neither is it for the political discussion of non-AIDS issues.

Use the following guidelines to determine whether or not your message is suitable for redistribution to AIDSACT.

***DO NOT send messages containing personal attacks. If you want to criticize another list member, do it by private mail.

***DO NOT send messages that are irrelevant to the purpose of the list. The AIDSACT list exists for issues and information related to AIDS as a political crisis. It is not a forum for discussing treatments or the mechanics of harm reduction except to the extent that they have political implications.

***DO NOT send administrative messages to the list. You can handle most administrative issues automatically with listproc. The rare administrative problem that listproc cannot handle should be sent to listowner --never to the list.

***DO NOT send messages in any format other than seven-bit ASCII text. In general, avoid special characters of any kind, including true quotes, true apostrophes, characters with diacritical marks, and ligatures. Do not send messages with attached files or other enclosures. In addition, do not use "tabs."

***AVOID sending "unsigned" messages. Always include your real name and Internet mail address so that readers will know the authors of messages they are reading.

***AVOID sending overly long messages to the list. Such messages are difficult to read and cost many people money to download through slow modems. If you have a text that you think might interest list members, summarize its contents to the list with an offer to forward it to anyone who expresses interest by private Internet mail.

***AVOID sending messages of minimal significance, such as "I agree" or "Wow." If you want to send such replies about a message, send them to the author, not to the list.

***AVOID replying to a message with excessive quoting of that message. Quote only the particular section of the message to which you are replying. Summarize a message when you are replying to it in general. List members will likely have read it already and do not need to see it again.

***AVOID sending requests for additional information about a topic to the list. Send them to the author of the message unless you are sure the information will be of interest to other list members.

If you have technical questions, contact the listowner, aalstman@critpath.org



Health GAP email LIST


The Health GAP has a discussion list.

[from their website]
To join their email discussion list:
healthgap@critpath.org is an unmoderated list where articles, requests for information, and strategies related to treatment access are discussed.

Email info@healthgap.org with your name, email address, and organizational affiliation (if appropriate) with a request to join the Health GAP listserv.

Please SAVE THIS SECTION for future reference.

To modify your subscription (i.e. change email address or unsubscribe) to the HEALTHGAP listserv:


1. go to http://www.critpath.org/cgi-bin/wa/

2. click on Subscriber's Corner

3. click on get a new LISTSERV password (in the end of the first paragraph)

4. enter your subscriber e-mail address (e.g JohnDoe@email.com)

5. enter your new password twice

6. you will receive an e-mail confirmation to your subscriber e-mail address.
Follow the link in that e-mail.

7. click on Subscriber's Corner



1. go to http://www.critpath.org/cgi-bin/wa/

2. click on Subscriber's Corner

3. enter your e-mail address and password

4. click on follow this link.

5. scroll down to the blue lists box and click on HEALTHGAP

6. make any changes you like on this page. Some of the options are:

change your e-mail address
change from regular format (individual e-mails) to digest format
disable your mail temporarily (for while on vacation, e.g.)

7. click Update Options button


If you have any questions, please contact:

T. Richard Corcoran




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