Top 10 Things
We Will Not Tolerate

(Broadsheet for Stonewall 25, 1994)


Dykes and fags who build careers working for community-based and AIDS organizations -- and think they're doing their part.


Red Ribbons.
Memorial services.
CD4 Name Reporting.
The World's Largest Quilt.
Freedom Rings.
Gay Games.
Candlelight marches.
Rainbow flags.
Lesbian Chic.
Log Cabin Republicans.
Antonio Pagan.
Compassionate straights.
People who refuse to take our flyers.


People who think Mayor Rudy Giuliani is doing anything to help New Yorkers living with AIDS and HIV.


Dykes and fags who are openly gay --
as long as it's convenient.


President Bill Clinton,
Hillary Rodham Clinton,
the United States Congress,
the medical establishment,
the pharmaceutical industry,
the insurance companies,
and the religious right --
-- for their total denial
of the worst epidemic
in the history of the world
as we know it.


Anyone who is not an AIDS Activist in 1994.


The basic fact that all
the wrong people are dead and dying,
while the real murders are just waiting to be assassinated.


Dykes and fags who think we're just like everyone else.


People who are "over" AIDS.
People who have gotten used to AIDS.
People who fail to acknowledge AIDS as a poltical crisis.


You... and your tolerance.


We Declare War!
Whose Side are you on?


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