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So you want to write about ACT UP! We encourage further debate and scholarship on the AIDS crisis and direct action activism. But as much as we love helping educate people about our past and issues, answering individual replies takes time from planning direct action. So...

Before you write to us for specific information, we recommend examining some of these published sources listed below directly about ACT UP or pertinent political analyses. Also, go to the Documents section to see important ACT UP texts. (Particularly recommended is a cautionary note to researchers by Maxine Wolfe: Academia and...)

(released November 26, 2003)

Needless to say, if you are writing about ACT UP and live in a city with an active chapter, then come to one of our meetings!!!

If you live near the San Francisco Bay area or midtown Manhattan, keep in mind that there are also signficant archival sources which are generally open to anyone.

In New York, the ACT UP/NY archives are located in the New York Public Library main branch at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue in the Archives Division. This collection has many of the notes and documents from the years 1987-1995 along with many DIVA
-TV and AIDS activist videotapes. To access these archives, please e-mail for information. Other sources of comprehensive information about ACT UP can be found at the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn. To visit the Archives by appointment or to find out hours, call: (718) 768-DYKE (3953) Fax: (718) 768-4663. [For specific information on the ACT UP collection at the Herstory Archives, you can contact Maxine Wolfe via her Voice Mail at 212-946-2180.] ..Additionally, the National Museum of Lesbian and Gay History at the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center (208 w. 13th St, NYC) also has materials.

In San Francisco, there is the Gay & Lesbian Historical Society of Northern California, (415) 777-5455 and the Lesbian and Gay Section of the new Public Library.

The most detailed source of information is the lesbian and gay community press (although even this is not always perfect!). Look for old issues of Out, Outweek, QW (previously NYQ). There have also been articles in The Nation and to a lesser degree, The Village Voice. You might not always find these magazines in your local library and may have to go to either a larger one or to the local lesbian and gay community center library or resource center.

Finally, if there is something that is left off this list and should be on it, please let us know.

Good luck, and
__let the record show...


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