Committees, Caucuses, and Working Groups

How to form a new group within ACT UP

Formulation of A Committee
A group may request committee status for the general membership.
Membership in the committee must be open to all ACT UP members.
Committees are required to have a representative on the Coordinating Committee.

Formulation of a Caucus
·Membership may be restricted to those members who represent the specific characteristics of the caucus.
·Caucuses are encouraged to inform the general membership meeting of their intent and meeting day, time, and location.
Caucuses are not required to send a representative to the Coordinating Committee.

Formulation of a Working Group
Working Groups are generally formed to address shorter term projects or activities.
Working Groups are encouraged to inform the general membership of their intent and meeting day, time, and location.

Here are some of the commitees, caucuses, and working groups that make up ACT UP. Look on the weekly calendar, available on the back table at Monday Night Meetings to see when and where groups are currently meeting.

ACT UP Americas Committee
Promotes the creation of AIDS activist groups throughout the Americas. Future objectives are to exchange information on life-saving therapies-both traditional and alternative-and to fight for the expansion of AIDS drug trials (as well as access to them) to all of the countries of the Americas.

AIDS Cure Working Group
Building a coalition and creating actions to push for the AIDS Cure Act, a design for a Manhattan Project to find a cure for AIDS

Alternative and Holistic Treatment Committee
Advocates a natural and holistic approach to treatment for people with AIDS, including nutrition, meditation, massage, and other therapies; fights discrimination against holistic therapies by insurance companies and the medical establishment.

DIVA TV Committee
DIVA (Damned Interfering Video Activists) creates and disseminates video covering AIDS activism, including a weekly public access show

Fundraising Committee
Organizes events to raise money for ACT UP actions and operating expense; handles the sale of ACT UP merchandise.

Giuliani Working Group
Creating broad-based direct action to counter Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's deliberate neglect of the AIDS crisis

Health Care Access Committee
Demands better insurance coverage for people with AIDS; fights insurance industry discrimination against people with AIDS.

Lesbian Caucus
Deals with lesbian issues within the AIDS crisis, especially the lack of research generated on woman-to-woman transmission of HIV.

Media Committee
Encourages and monitors coverage of the AIDS crisis and ACT UP visibility in the print and electronic media by sending news releases and press kits to the g