Revised 2/94

The following is a list of terms commonly used at ACT UP meetings. We hope it will help you follow the sometimes jargon-laden debates at the meetings.

Action: a demonstration or protest usual taking more than a week to organize and implement.

Affinity group: a group of people organized around a single intent, tactic, or focus for the purpose of executing specialized sub-actions during actions or demonstrations.

Agenda: the order of the issues, actions in development, proposals, etc. that are to be discussed at a Monday night general membership meeting.

Announcement: at Monday night meetings, a 90 second statement announcing planning meetings, updates, and upcoming ACT UP activities.

Back Table: (the literature table) information for general distribution; anyone may place
literature on the table at the back of the room.

CBO: Community Based Organization

CD: Civil Disobedience. Involves breaking the law to draw attention to a larger injustice. People in ACT UP have frequently used this tactic with success to draw attention to AIDS issues.

Call to Question: a statement, which if seconded, ends discussion of a proposal and moves the floor to a vote to end discussion; commonly misstated as "call the question." One must be recognized by the facilitator to call to question.

Caucus: a group defined by a common agenda or a shared community or characteristic. Caucuses are self-defined and may be open to the full membership or closed except to those who share a defining qualification.

Contact Sheet: a list of names and phone numbers enabling a member to get in contact with committees, caucuses, working groups, etc. Also a calendar of the upcoming weeks ACT UP schedule of events.

Committee: a group of 2 or more ACT UP members with a specified interest that is open to all members of ACT UP. Creation of a committee must be approved by the Floor of ACT UP. All committees should send a voting representative to the Coordinating Committee.

The Center: The Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center, located at 208 West 13th Street (between 7th and 8th Avenue). House numerous ACT UP group meetings. Telephone 212 620-7310.

Coordinating Committee: Approves written material from committees requesting the use of ACT UP's name or logo, sets the agenda for the Monday night meeting, and coordinates activities within ACT UP.

Crosstalk: a dialog between two or more people that occurs when the floor should be addressed (all discussion should be addressed to the floor).

Direct Action: Confronting in numerous manners a specific person or group of people for the purpose of change.

DIVA TV: Damned Interfering Video Activists. documents ACT UP actions and activities on videotape and film.

Facilitators: People elected by the Floor to guide and run the general meetings on Monday night.

The Floor: everyone in attendance at a general meeting; the supreme governing body of ACT UP.

Friendly Amendment: A sugges