Security is a lie.

Your genes will not protect you.

Liberal leaders will not protect you.

The military will not protect you.

Marriage will not protect you

The government will not protect you

LGBT Organizations will not protect you.

Money will not protect you.

The closet will not protect you

Assimilation will not protect you.

As long as Queers exchange the safekeeping of our lives for the myth of security, for the illusion of protection, our power will never be our own. Our future can't be left to someone else in hopes they will do right by us.

The answer to the constant and growing attack on Queer life in America won't be found in a Great Protector. The answer is to go beyond believing, beyond hoping that someone else will save our asses.

The answer is to do it ourselves. To protecxt our own interests. To fight for our own rights. To watch our leaders very closely. to pay strict attention to the world around us.

 And be EXTREMELY visible..... and very, VERY Loud.

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