We the Radical Queers of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union in this moment of domestic and international war waged by a lying, illegitimate pseudo-president; And in order to establish actual Justice by creating it Ourselves in a society constructed on injustice, lies, hate, and fear; And in order to insure domestic Tranquility even as our government wages cruel war against the nation's Peace by pitting the People of this country against each other and the rest of the world; And in order to provide for the common Defense of lesbian and gay peoples who have been denied Life & Liberty by a long Train of Abuses & Usurpations against their Safety & Happiness, or Worse, by a government that cannot represent them, and who have been attacked by the president and his far right hatchet men, many state governments across the union, a savage and homophobic citizenry authorized to assault or murder us for our existence by official and religious sanction institutions which deny us rights of visitation and rights of estate, false "emancipation" in the form of marriage rights that we do not want ourselves; And in order to secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and to our Posterity which we do not fully enjoy but which we deserve and are taking Without Permission; We do proclaim that we Pissed-Off Queers stand in resistance to this Form of Government destructive of these Ends, and with this Declaration do Seize our Right and our Duty to throw off, after or abolish such Government, and do finally assert and declare ourselves to be free and independent people, moving us closer to a New united States based on Peace, Love, and Justice instead of Domination, Money, and War.

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