The Truth Will Not Protect You

A Grim Fairy Tale

Once upon a time,
in the land of King George W. and his followers, so many different communities of LGBT people believed that if only the straight world knew the truth about them, they wouldn't be targets of hatred, that they would not be banished to a treacherous life marked by danger: the danger of living without rights to have or keep children, to have their physical safety protected by the government, to be given an equal opportunity at housing or jobs.

"If only they knew", the queer would lament, "that we're not really evil, demonic, perverted freaks of nature, then they would learn to love and accept up. If only we could make them see the truth about us, then we would be safe."

But the (straight) citizens of George's kingdom were led astray by their king, who was so power-hungry and so determined to control his subjects that he devised a simple but time-tested plan of action to inspire allegiance and turn humans into monsters: fear. He. told them that queers were actually fire-breathing and children-eating dragons who menaced all upright citizens of the land.

These dragons, King George told his subjects, spread fire and disease, depravity and despair. In fact, King George swore, looking into dragon eyes would turn ordinary citizens into pillars of salt. King George's mythical dragons were so terrifying to the (straight) citizens of the land that they forgot that dragons were mythical creatures.

The existence of the dragons became an unquestioned truth upon which many more lies were built. It made sense to the (straight) citizens to plunge full-force into dragon-slaying, and so, armed with a constantly amended constitutional/proclamation from the king banning dragons from the kingdom, with their guns, knives, and fake truths, the (straight) citizens set out to annihilate the threat of terror which King George told them was so real, and so very dangerous.

The truth did not matter anymore. The myth was real. The dragons were real.

Mythical stories of their depravity traveled from (straight) mouth to (straight) ears, and it no longer mattered that the dragons did not exist. To the (straight) citizens' eyes, the fight against dragons actually looked like a protection against the threat of the dragons. And the dragons became real.

Even the queers stopped believing they were human; they started wishing they were human (straight) citizens. They seemed to forget they were, in fact, human all along. They forgot that being queer did not make them dragons. They forgot they were not, in actuality, nice dragons. They forgot that they were not dragons at all.

Trapped in a myth not of their making, the queers needed to demand their humanity against the poisoned ears and eyes and truths of the kingdom or forever remain non-human.

You see, these queers are us, the kingdom is the United States, Bush's myth has become reality, and there's a reason this is called a fairy tale.

We will not live happily ever, until after we demand to.

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