Program Synopsis


Vancouver AIDS Conference:
One World, One Hope

originally telecast 8/5/96
produced by James Wentzy
Erik Kurtz, David Horii, Stephen Shapiro, Ronald Medley

The XI International Conference on AIDS was held in Vancouver Canada this summer with the theme: One World, One Hope. "We speak of 'one world' but in reality we are world's apart," admitted the repporteur for clinical science. This program is an over-all look at the Conference.

The program opens with the latest scientific information of clinical trials by Ho and Markowitz studying "the feasibility of HIV eradication from a person". This has led the media to proclaim such headlines as: "usual air of desperation gone; glimmers of hope; at last a treatable disease; renewed sense of optimism; hope for a cure".

Activist demonstrations maneuvered the media coverage towards access issues and the high cost of pharmaceutical treatments. However, the complicity of AIDS in mass media is its glaring omission of prevention information.

There are 8500 new infections every day! (1000 in children!), most of which were completely preventable. "Conference after conference, we continually present data on the safety and efficacy of needle exchange and harm reduction," stated the repporteur for social response. "Not to have instituted needle exchange represents a landmark failure of the public health in the United States," reported epidemiologist Ernest Drucker.

"Today, there is NOT 'one world' against AIDS," admitted Jonathan Mann, "and this reality of separatism and isolation threatens progress against AIDS and is the central reason why real leadership and coherent global action against AIDS has become virtually impossible."


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