Program Synopsis


Artist Readings


AIDS Community Television
originally telecast December 1, 1993 for World AIDS Day/CUNY-TV
produced by Alessandro Codagnone and James Wentzy (60:00)


Artist Readings

This program documents artist writers reading their works about AIDS.

Jaime Manrique *
reads an excerpt from his memoir, A Sadness As Deep As The Sea, about the last days of the Cuban-born Reinaldo Arenas (1943­1990): "This plague, AIDS, is but a symptom of the sickness in our age."

Bea Gates
reads from Triptych: "The pills are supposed to work better with alcohol. I got some scotch ready; he wouldn't take it. He was adamant, he wouldn't touch the stuff-said it was hard enough to get sober and stay sober. I said it wouldn't make any difference. He insisted on water. I'm exhausted waiting for Charley to die."

Anne-Chistine d'Adesky

Sarah Schulman

Mariana Romo-Carmona

David B. Feinberg *