DIVA TV Program Synopsis

Music Videos

 AIDS Community Television
  originally telecast  6/13/96    (29:00)

Who else but DIVA TV (Damned Interfering Video Activists) would possibly consider music videos in an activist program series on the AIDS crisis.  (Well...actually... DIVA TV is probably the LAST media to use music in the activist series: AIDS Community Television.)   But who else would dare spoof a song -- a so-called "AIDS Anthem" -- by Liza Minelli?


  "If Not Tomorrow,
   then the Next Day,
   or the Day After That"

This musical program contains:

A Hard Reign's Gonna Fall  
by Dean Lance

Cole Porter's  Too Darn Hot  (Red Hot + Blue)
by Jimmy Somerville

Foolish Attitude  (Age of AIDS)  (Failed Research)
by Casselberry and duPree

and the Liza Minelli so-called "AIDS Anthem" [SPOOF]
If Not Tomorrow, then the Next Day, or the Day After That
United Nations World AIDS DAY  (see Clinton Jog with flabby legs)
(homage owed to Mystery Science Theater 3000)