Program Synopsis


Board of Education Limits
Condom Demonstrations in Classrooms


AIDS Community Television #156
originally telecast 1/8/96

Americans believe in comprehensive sex education that give students the tools to protect themselves. Because condom failure is almost entirely due to human failure, showing the proper use of condoms will save lives.

In a city with an estimated 40,000 to 100,000 adolescents infected with HIV; where 7 teenagers (as young as 13!) convert each day to HIV+; and in a country where half of all new HIV infections are among people younger than 25, surprisingly, the conservative majority on the New York City's Board of Education railroaded a restrictive AIDS curriculum.

Their ludicrous reasoning: "public classroom demonstration of condom lessons exposes innocent children to propaganda in violation of their 1st amendment rights: the freedom not to practice contraception must be equally protected with the freedom not to hang the 10 commandments in the classroom."