Program Synopsis

Four AIDS Activist Essays
for the Lesbian + Gay Communities

AIDS Community Television #160
originally telecast 2/19/96 (29:00)


The lesbian and gay communities were the heroes in the fight against AIDS, refusing to accept the status quo when it was unacceptable. However, backs have been turned for too long as AIDS is treated as one of the many unchanging facts of life, a subject that no one can do anything about. The lesbian and gay communities have forgotten that any good accomplished had to be fought for and won by the courageous and radical. They have forgotten that anything that can change for the better can easily be changed back.

This program consists of four video 'essays' reflecting the point-of-view of AIDS activists towards the current perception of AIDS by the Gay and Lesbian Communities.

It's not a pretty picture.


"A wealthy, well-connected hetero friend recently
said to me:
_ I'm amazed that you guys haven't turned
to terrorism yet -- everybody's afraid of you anyway."

text by Kiki Mason for Stonewall_25_ produced for MIX94




An AIDS video activist's personal reflection of his virus, his community, the euthanasia of his 16 year old cat, and his own doom. "I can't scream because I have to hold the camera steady." [short 11:00 version produced for MIX95 ]


ADVISORY: Graphic pictures, language.