DIVA TV Program Synopsis

Day of Desperation

January 23, 1991.
Early morning protests took place downtown Manhattan with AIDS activists protested the Government's involvement in the Gulf War to the exclusion of vital interests at home. That afternoon--5:00 RUSH HOUR--Grand Central Station was filled with demonstrators protesting under the banners: "Money For AIDS, Not For War" and "One AIDS Death Every 8 Minutes".



The night before, AIDS activists disrupted the CBS News Evening News with Dan Rather (by jumping on-camera as the news began: "Fight AIDS, not Arabs; AIDS is news!") and the MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour. (Robin MacNeil: "There's been a demonstration in our studio; it was a group of non-violent demonstrators from ACT UP who complained that we and the media are spending too much time and attention on the war in the Middle East which they say will never kill as many people as are dying of AIDS and I told them that this program has spent a lot of time on the AIDS matter and will be covering it more in the future."_Asked by a reporter: "Don't you think this is an immature and silly way to get your point across to the country?" We responded: "No, we think spending hundreds of billions of dollars bombing people in another continent is a silly and immature way to get a point across."






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