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Political Funerals

AIDS Community Television (weekly series #109) 
originally telecast 1/31/95 (29:00)

Compilation video of Political Funerals, directed by James Wentzy
produced and edited by Wentzy & Jerry Lakatos; cameras: James Wentzy, John Schabel, Ira Manhoff, Dean Lance, Shraga Lev, Andrew Chang, Tony Arena, Ellen Spiro, Meg Handler

images and videos, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted by videomaker James Wentzy
and can be utilized freely for non-profit use with attribution to videomaker


film festival review

Funerals Synopses
David Wojnarowicz

1954 - 1992

"To turn our private grief for the loss of friends, family, lovers and strangers into something public would serve as another powerful dismantling tool. It would dispel the notion that this virus has a sexual orientation or a moral code. It would nullify the belief that the government and medical community has done very much to ease the spread or advancement of this disease.

One of the first steps in making the private grief public is the ritual of memorials. I have loved the way memorials take the absence of a human being and make them somehow physical with the use of sound. I have attended a number of memorials in the last five years and at the last one I attended I found myself suddenly experiencing something akin to rage. I realized halfway through the event that I had witnessed a good number of the same people participating in other previous memorials. What made me angry was realizing that the memorial had little reverberatio