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By Any Means Necessary

A wealthy, well-connected hetero friend recently said to me,  "I'm amazed that you guys haven't turned to terrorism – everybody's afraid of you anyway...."


ADVISORY: Graphic pictures, language


Manifesto Destiny
_"I am someone with AIDS and I want to live by any means necessary"

_by Kiki Mason

POZ  Magazine June-July, 1996

After reading Primary Colors, I have been inspired to cop to something that I wrote anonymously two years ago. In June 1994 I was approached by member of the Marys, an ACT-UP affinity group renowned for their colorful and creative action. The Gay Games were coming to New York City, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of Stonewall, and we were all bracing for the descent of upward of half a million screaming gay tourists from around the world. Based on the advance propaganda for both events, the Marys and many other thinking people felt like they were in for a week that would ignore or sweep under the rug the very real problems that gay people face, like AIDS.

The idea of such a large extravaganza while so many were suffering struck me personally as a bit tasteless, and you know how I am about good taste. Anyway, the Marys had decided to do a tract. Something that would look like an officially sanctioned broch