DIVA TV __Netcasts

requires free download of RealPlayer for streaming video


Download Realplayer http://www.real.com/products/news


Recommended Software

Minimum requirements: RealPlayer G2 or latest RealPlayer

90MHz Intel® Pentium® processor or equivalent, 16MB of RAM, 14.4Kbps modem (audio only);
28.8Kpbs modem (video), 16-bit sound card and speakers, 65,000-color video display card (video),
Windows 95 operating system, Internet connection and web browser.

Mac* OS 8.1 or later, 32 MB RAM, 65MB virtual memory, 604 PowerPC* (200 MHz or better),
Internet connection, Browser support: Microsoft* Internet Explorer* 4.01 or later or Netscape* 4.05 or later