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In June 1994, the Gay Games were coming to New York City, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of Stonewall, and we were all bracing for the descent of upward of half a million screaming gay tourists from around the world. Based on the advance propaganda for both events, many thinking people felt like they were in for a week that would ignore or sweep under the rug the very real problems that gay people face, like AIDS in particular. It was decided to do a tract...something that would look like an officially sanctioned brochure but would blow the out-of-towners' minds when they actually read it. ___

Avram Finkelstein

Welcome to New York
     by Avram Finkelstein

STONEWALL 25,  1994

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We are here to join with millions of lesbians and gays to salute our potential and to signify your solidarity.

We are here to remember the Stonewall uprising which breathed life into the struggle for our rights and will propel us well into the next century. We are here to celebrate the spirit of rebellion that sent beaten and harassed bull dykes and drag queens out into the night on a three-day rampage of resistance. We are here to celebrate the fact that lesbians and gays are freedom fighters - and that we have committed ourselves to justice time and time again.

We are funny and smart and talented and queer. We care when someone is punished or persecuted for being themselves because we have all experienced it. We care because we are sen