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It's the cultural medium of our society which fosters the spread of AIDS. While we know more than ever before about this disease, it is spreading faster than ever, and gaining ground. The media is the major source of information on HIV/AIDS for most people, and has determined how and when AIDS reaches the public agenda. However, the main-stream media presents the picture "drug treatments = fewer aids deaths", thus eliminating public urgency. The media spin does not analyze the escalation of new infections or the inaccessibility of healthcare and prevention. The drama of AIDS is being replaced by its normalization. Normalization is fucked. ___ It has been the affected communities that took the lead in mobilizing the political will and energies necessary to deal with the AIDS crisis. Activism has become an integral part of the AIDS political landscape. Activist videos serve as an invaluable repository of images reflecting the urgency of AIDS activism at its most visible. Along with a broad spectrum of other AIDS video documentation, DIVA TV original videos are currently being re-mastered and archived at the New York Public Library for the AIDS Activist Video Preservation Project, a collaborative effort between the Estate Project and the New York Public Library.


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