The Names Project Reply to ACT UP's Letter

NAMES Project Foundation
310 Townsend Street, Sute 310
San Francisco, CA 94107
Subject: Reply to your letter of September 16, 1996

September 20, 1996

To: AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power
332 Bleecker Street, Suite G5
New York, NY 10014

We are in complete agreement with the statement in your September 16 letter that this showing of the AIDS Memorial Quilt is different because, 145,000 deaths from AIDS and 20,000 new memorial panels since the last display in 1992, it has to be different.

With the accelerating pace of HIV treatment developments it becomes increasingly critical to provide forums to present people with information about them that can prolong their lives. Conceived to be one such forum, the Stadtlanders Wellness Pavilion at the Quilt in the Capital will be where over three dozen organizations -- AIDS service providers as well as pharmaceutical companies -- will offer both traditional and alternative HIV treatment information. All organizations participating in the Wellness Pavilion are fully aware that the venue exists to provide information only. The Quilt display is not a trade show, and no drugs or other products will be sold or distributed. only. The Quilt display is not a trade show, and no drugs or other products will be sold or distributed.

The Wellness Pavilion will be one component of the Education Area of the Quilt display. Other components include the Education and Outreach Tent, providing materials furnished by more than 70 of the world's leading AIDS service organizations; the Education Stage, upon which presentations, plays and speeches focusing on HIV and targeting young people will be given throughout the weekend; and the orientation point for tours of the Quilt, including special peer-led tours for school kids and audio-described touch tours for visitors with visual limitations.

To ensure the solemnity of the Quilt display is strictly preserved, the Education Area has been located on municipal land across Madison Street from the National Mall and the display itself.

The NAMES Project strongly believes that ending AIDS means giving visitors to the Quilt display, particularly people living with HIV and an estimated 50,000 school-aged youth, information that can help them stay healthy. We share ACT UP's deeply held conviction that knowledge equals power, and to that end we have planned this showing of the Quilt so that those who can benefit most from life-sustaining information have the greatest possible access to it.

NAMES Project Foundation

The NAMES Project reply skips the main objection, which is that nothing involving commercial pharmaceutical companies is unbiased.
It's all an attempt to buy us off.

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