written by Apolo Marcos Schiavolin


I am APOLO MARCOS SCHIAVOLIN, 48 years old, and employed by North American Airlines. Last week (June 1st), I flew to the United States as a tourist , in order to meet with some friends in New York, buy a Vitamin Complex and a Vacuum Cleaner, visit a Non Governmental Org., and return home, all within a few days. I have always been a Decent and Honest person, studious and polite toAny One!. At 05:45 am., at Customs, I was unwisely invited by the Immigration Officer to follow him to the Customs Holding Area, where I stayed for 13 EMBARRASING HOURS, before finally being deported for having HIV. !!!

I was stunned, horrified and exhausted, and then went into a Lethargic State, in front of INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM AND NAZI SEMI-HUMAN ATHMOSPHERE. When I mentioned that I was not being treated decently, I was told I was not in a Hotel ! Astonished under apparent unethical treatment, I made clear I myself would contact the Brazilian Press! At that time, they said I was free to do so! I felt even more like a VICTIM of Institutionalized Racism –when- Officer CLINTON shouted at me saying I was obstructing an Officer’s job with questions, and warned me that it was up to me to decide if I wanted to stay OVERNIGHT (held in prison) – or even a longer period held in Prison (Cruel Intimidation) !

Persuaded to be tamed, I stayed before them for 13 ENDLESS HOURS, segregated inside a Freezing Cold Environment, praying to die at the moment!

The vast majority of ‘NORMAL PEOPLE” (with European-like Complexion), were instantly dismissed with a “ WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES”smile. I was prudent enough as to watch and hear as they Intimidated Costa Rican young travelers, whom they cornered until they confessed being there for labor purposes; all finger-printed and deported! Two Brazilian citizens from MINAS GERAIS State were also being held in a cell and went through the Very Same . I witnessed their deportation…

That BEHAVIOR is Nothing BUT Hypocritical Agressiveness Against Human Rights, treating Noble and Gentle People from abroad as BARBARIANS (U.S.A.) – probably because of a little darker complexion or Disease they did not choose to have !!!

The United States claims to support Human Rights as They condemn Every Other Nation for NOT DOING IT !


The “United States” should start to deal with those Contradictory Actions, once such an Institution is said to REPRESENT the ‘HIDDEN OBSCURE AND OBSCENE” Side of our Humanity !...... Today I feel like “Mister NOBODY”, destroyed by the So-Called, SUPER POWERED NATION” !!!

I got too sick back home, and I am under psychological Treatment, more than ever before!

I suggest that the “United States” fight the BAD PEOPLE who cause them annoyance, NOT US – who have contributed To Enrich Their Businessmen and Their Airlines.!!!

AMERICA !! Please be trustworthy to the People who have always seen your Films, Documentaries, CNN, NBC, CBN, ABC and considered YOU as THE MOST EVOLVED NATION IN THE WORLD !!!

Thanks to everyone that helps me SPREAD MY BAD EXPERIENCE throughout any Official Means – wherever you are at this MOMENT !


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