Sunday in the Country with George

An Afternoon of Protest and Petition
Sunday, April 28, 1996 in Garrison, New York

March 28, 1996

Dear Friends and Colleagues Fighting HIV/AIDS Across New York State:

We are writing to tell you about an exciting event taking place on Sunday, April 28th concerning Governor Pataki's policies on AIDS, health care, and welfare, and we'd very much like you to participate.

The event, titled Sunday in the Country with George, will be a large, non-violent demonstration by AIDS, health care, and welfare activists. It will take place in Garrison in Putnam County, New York, where Governor Pataki makes his home. Garrison is a small community on the east bank of the Hudson River, opposite West Point. The enclosed flyer explains the purpose of the event and asks you to endorse the event by contributing to its planning and execution.

Plans for the day include a rally and march through Garrison highlighting our united opposition to Governor Pataki's budget and his AIDS, health care, and welfare policies, which we believe to be intricately linked. We will simultaneously be petitioning the Governor and the State Legislature to support progressive policies which we believe will benefit not just New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS, but all New Yorkers who depend on our state's health care and welfare safety nets, including people living with disabilities, seniors, children, youth, women, immigrants, and low-income people.
Sunday in the Country with George will be a statewide event. AIDS, health care, and welfare groups from Buffalo, the Southern Tier, Central New York, up and down the Hudson Valley, from the Capital District, down through New York City and out to Long Island, are planning to participate! This event is being organized by folks from ACT UP/New York, Housing Works, and WHAM! (Women's Health and Action Mobilization).

We hope you and your organization can help make Sunday in the Country with George successful by contributing in the following ways:

Please feel free to give us a call, leave a message on our voice mail, and we'll call you back to discuss any questions or suggestions you may have.
Thank you for your support!

Working together,

Mark Hannay Jeanne Bergman Elizabeth Michaels
ACT UP/New York Housing Works WHAM!

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