NY State ADAP Activism


Assemblyspeaker Silver and President of the Senate, Bruno have made a "handshake deal" NOT TO PROVIDE ANY FUNDS FOR ADAP in their budget deal. (For background info click here).

A more complete version of what follows, including a list of all those sponsoring/not sponsoring ADAP funding in both the Assembly and Senate, can be found in the May 1996 issue of Body Positive magazine (800) 566-7333.

Because of recent developents, Bruno and Silver need to hear from us THIS WEEK.


The Problem

The AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) needs $25 million from the New York State Legislature to offer protease inhibitors and restore medications, vitamins, and nutritional supplements cut in January. ADAP, which provides care for 10,000 New Yorkers, started to run out of money and was forced to make drastic cuts. $25 million would restore the cuts and provide protease inhibitors.

The Answer

Assemblymember Richard Gottfried (D,Manhattan) and Senator Catherine Abate (D,Manhattan) are working to save ADAP. Assemblymember Gottfried and Senator Roy Goodman (R,Manhattan) introduced bills in the Assembly (A8745) and Senate (S6201) for the money we need. MOST SENATORS AND ASSEMBLY MEMBERS ARE DOING NOTHING. Make life hell in Albany until they pass these bills. Don't call once, call daily or weekly until we have victory.

The Legislators will tell you they are "concerned" about ADAP. Forget "concerned", we want action. Demand that they co-sponsor the bills, stand up, and be counted. Tell them to get the bill out of committee, co-sponsor it and vote "yes" when it comes to a vote.

What You Can Do

Check the list on the back of this flyer to see if your Senator and Assemblymember are already on board. Don't know who represents you in Albany? Call your local League of Women Voters (they're in the phone book), and they'll tell you in minutes.

If your State Senator/Assemblymember is a sponsor: Call or write to thank them, then make Senator Bruno (President of the Senate) and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver your project. NEITHER IS CO-SPONSORING. Call daily or weekly. Demand they sponsor the bills, get them out of committee and vote "yes" on them. Follow the script below.

If your State Senator/Assemblymember is NOT sponsoring: Call or write to demand why they aren't. Too many Democratic Senators sponsoring a bill can cause the Republican Senators to sink it. Have a Democratic Senator? Instead of sponsoring, ask them to move the bills out of committee and vote "yes" on them. Republican Senators and all Assemblymembers have no excuse for not co-sponsoring. Make their lives hell.

What To Say:

1. Call the Assembly/Senate (800) 767-6336. Say: "I am calling to talk to the staffer who is assigned to AIDS or health policy. Is there someone assigned to work on the AIDS Drug Assistance Program?" Write this person's name down.

2. Ask if the Senator/Assemblymember has signed on to sponsor the bills (A8745/S6201).

3. If the Senator/Assemblymember is sponsoring, thank them. Start calling Senator Bruno (President of the Senate) and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

4. If the Senator/Assemblymember is not sponsoring, say "I live in your district, and I want the Senator/Assemblymember to sponsor the bill, get it out of committee and vote "yes" on it when it comes to a vote. Why isn't the Senator/Assemblymember sponsoring already?" Tell the staffer what it would mean for you and those you love if the ADAP programs do not get this money (no protease inhibitors, no restoration of nutritional supplements or medications).

5. Tell the staffer that you will call in a week for an update, and that you will be urging your friends and family members to call, also. Call constantly, make them part of your weekly routine until we win.


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