United States HIV Immigration and Travel Policy

[This scumbag legislation was only overturned by Obama -- but here's how the stinking pile of steaming shit looked during the previous 20 years]

  In addition to the United States, only Armenia, Brunei, China,
 Iraq, South Korea, Moldavia, Russia, and Saudi Arabia
practice this particular form of discrimination.

The heinous HIV travel and immigration ban was codified in law as part of the NIH reauthorization in 1993 (s.1/h.r 4), the NIH's reauthorization act (entitled the NIH Revitalization Act of 1993).

However, remember that well before 1993, this ban made world news when a Dutch PWA (Hans Paul Verhoff) was denied entry into the U.S. in 1989 to speak at a conference in San Francisco and this same ban was the cause of the massive boycott of the 6th International Conference on AIDS in SF in 1990.

It was on this ban that caused the '92 International AIDS Conference to be moved from Boston to Amsterdam. It was at the
see aegis website  Tomas Fabregas Obituary
Amsterdam AIDS Conference that activists, ACT UP chapters, and Elizabeth Taylor hosted a press conference flaunting Tomas Fabregas' re-entry into the U.S. as a resident PWA.

When activists demanded the release into this country of over a hundred HIV-positive Haitian political r