Phone: A phone zap is when a number of people call a target to make a demand. Phone zaps serve a double purpose: they let your target know how many people support your demands, but they also make it hard for your target to conduct business as usual because they keep the phone lines busy, making it hard for an office to function. To conduct a phone zap, find out the phone number(s) of your target, write a sample script with your demands and some facts about the issue, and put it on a flyer with the phone numbers. Give it to as many people as possible, and start calling.

Fax: A fax zap is similar to a phone zap because it is both a way of communicating your demands and a way of inconveniencing your target by keeping their fax machine busy. To do a fax zap, give out a sheet with your demands on it and your target's fax number and have people fax it whenver they want, as often as they want. Another way of doing this if you only have access to one fax machine, is to feed one copy of your flyer through the fax machine. As it comes through, tape on another copy to form a loop. Once the loop is created you may either be able to set the fax machine to automatically redial and keep sending over and over or you may have to stand there and keep dialing.

Letter: The point of a letter zap is to show, by generating a flood of mail, how many people support your demands. There are two ways to do a letter zap. The first is to have lots of people write individual letters to your target - this is particularly powerful because it gives a human voice to your demands. Sometimes it's not possible to get enough people to actually write individual letters, so the other way to do a letter zap is to write a form letter to your target outlining you demands and make a lot of copies. All people have to do is sign the letters. It helps to have each person individually put the address and their own return address on the envelopes because if the letters are obviously all the same they won't be opened. Letter zaps can also be done via email.



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