Speak Outs

A speak out is an event where a bunch of people give testimony about a particular issue. The people speaking can be "experts" giving factual information to educate the audience and media, or they can be individual people who are personally affected by the issue talking about their lives, or a combination of both. Speak outs can happen in a variety of settings - for instance, you can organize a bunch of people to testify at a public hearing that has been set up by the Board of Education. Or you can create a setting of your own - you can end a protest march with a speak out, have a speak out as part of a conference, or choose a symbolic location for your speak out, like the steps of the Board Of Ed. Or City Hall. The most improtant thing in organizing a speak out is making sure people will be able to hear the speakers - megaphones, sound systems, or handing out copies of what they are saying will help.




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