_YELL __Youth Education Life Line

YELL (Youth Education Life Line) is an affinity group within ACT UP formed in 1989 to work on AIDS issues facing young people,especially AIDS education.   *

YELL has monitored and raised public awareness about AIDS education in the public schools and advocated a comprehensive, reality-based approach to HIV prevention for young people.

YELL plays a crucial role in advocating and organizing support for the high school condom availability programs and AIDS education curricula to students in public high schools throughout NYC.

Through DIRECT ACTION in letter-writing, demonstrations, and civil disobedience, we expose the increasingly dismal AIDS education at the Board of Education -- such as the "morality oaths," the de-staffing of the High School HIV/AIDS Resource Centers, and the dismantling of the AIDS curriculum by the conservative AIDS Advisory Council.

YELL is was a diverse group of students, teachers, and AIDS activists.





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HALF of all new HIV infections occur in youths
younger than 25 years of age.