Wake Up Canada!

A coalition of Canadian PWAs groups under the name "Wake Up Canada!" organized a series of actions to protest Prime Minister Chretien (pictured above as a man of simian intellect and foresight).

The Canadian AIDS strategy, a plan for organizing the fight against AIDS in Canada, has expired, and the current regime is refusing to renew it.

Wake Up Canada! staged a march and speak-out before the opening ceremonies. At the close of ceremonies, the Canadian Health Minister David Dingwall spoke, but hundreds in the audiencestood up and turned their backs on Dingwall to symbolize that the government is turning away from the fight against AIDS.

Other actions incuded a protest against North American immigration bans, mandatory partner notification, and a zap against the booth of Health Canada booth for its delay in approving the protease inhibitors by Merck and Abbott.

Dingwall was scheduled to speak at the closing ceremonies, but he left midway through the conference with an unexpected "cold." At the closing ceremonies, Wake Up Canada lifted one of its members in a wheel-chair onto the stage who then presented Dingwall with a get well card and flowers.

More info on the Wake Up Canada! actions to come, promise!

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