Welcome to Vancouver.

Join ACT UP this week
as we demonstrate for People with AIDS.

Nothing has ever been given to People with AIDS.

Courageous and radical activists who came before us fought for and won major advances against this disease.
The struggle continues today.

As a person with HIV, there is no meeting anywhere, anytime that you are not "experienced" enough to attend. There is no science that you do not have the right to understand, criticize, or direct. You do not have accept any government's lack of urgency.

Demand a Cure.

Don't wait and hope for medicines. Science is made. It is not a gift from the heavens. Activist pressure can determine what research is conducted and how results are used.

Demand access to drugs and the truth about pricing.

Don't believe drug companies that tell you that it's too complicated or expensive to develop therapies, that no one else will if they don't, or that they are doing the best they can.

They are lying.

Roche, Merck, Abbott, Glaxo, Serono, Astra;

pharmaceutical companies are in the business
of making money from people's sickness.

We are not expendable.

Defend yourself. Use your power.

Turn your anger, fear, and grief into action.

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