Zap of Gaymard

Just as French Health Minster Gaymard was about to speak at a Plenary session, ACT UP/Paris stormed the stage and condemned French official policy of deporting HIV+ undocumented residents.

Gaymard, you are an AIDS Criminal!

Undocumented aliens sentenced to death

The fate of so-called illegal aliens in French overseas territories is a grim caricature of the fate of migrant populations elsewhere in the country: while trying to limit immigration, the French government actually threatens their survival. Illegal aliens, whose rate of HIV infection is especially high, are forbidden access to health care facilities, which are insufficient anyway.

While they are economically exploited, they are not entitled to any social benefits or health insurance: they are offered no alternative to clandestine labor, which is profitable to employers and is tacitly encouraged by the state. State benefits for hospitalized persons, which, by law, may be granted to illegal aliens, are almost universally denied to them. In addition, no efforts are made to prevent the spread of HIV among migrant populations. In practice, French overseas territories serve as a testing ground for the French government's policy of repression.

By carrying out massive expulsions, setting up detention camps, raiding places known to be frequented by illegal aliens and carrying out supposedly " random " indentity checks which somehow always target " foreign-looking " individuals, police authorities show themselves eager to make the government's insane dream of " zero immigration " come true.

In the midst of the AIDS crisis, this policy amounts to a death sentence for illegal aliens. It entirely disregards health-related issues: French authorities deport persons with severe health problems, and they routinely inform foreign police of their health status, showing no regard for confidentiality. In addition, the French government's policy of repression makes it impossible to address public health issues surrounding migrant populations: police interfere with medical decisions and patrol the vicinity of clinics and hospitals, thus deterring many from seeking vital care.

Act Up-Paris demands that:

Gaymard - Shame, Shame, Shame!

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